70% of today’s diners look

online for their next meal…

The Food Guru’s Digital Funnel can generate up to 1/3 of your sales by optimizing your restaurant’s digital marketing & footprint on consumers go-to food sites. We also mine your databases and cross-reference key performance indicators with your actual point-of-sale data.

The Food Guru’s Digital Funnel automated dashboard captures easy-to-understand performance & return-on-investment intelligence. It converts hungry prospects into real revenue and promotes taste superiority, relevant value and booking/ordering convenience.

“People consider up to 4 restaurants before deciding”

“70% look online to plan next meal”

“73% of dining happens within 2 hours of search”

“82% of searches are unbranded”

“Local impressions drive 80% of consumer traffic in the F&B industry”

“Todays consumers are less loyal and [13%] and more spontaneous ”

“Taste is the number 1 influencer”

“Value and convenience also important”

“Great food imagery and review create cravings”

Impressions, Reach & Audience are captured via push and outreach efforts as people are searching for dining & food options. This is where menus, locations, reviews and incentives generate desire

As prospect moves towards making a purchase or reservation decision leads are tracked and feed automatically via API feeds directly into Food Gurus database

Database accumulates and stores the data via various fields sorted by key performance indicators [KPI’s]

Determined KPI information is sent to dashboard on predetermined refresh cycle

Dashboard automatically populates and updates information for quick reference and tracking of sales performance and marketing effort return-on-investment

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