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Handmade Ulu and Moringa Noodles Set Adela’s Country Eatery Apart

Adela's Handmade Ulu and Moringa Noodles
(Kaneohe, Hawaii June 26, 2019) – Adela’s Country Eatery has quickly become noodle heaven for discerning food lovers. Recently opened, in Kaneohe on Oahu’s windward side, the Country Eatery has already earned a raft of rave reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Most coveted by the growing number of loyal foodies are the unique and delicious noodles handmade from ulu (breadfruit), taro, Okinawan sweet potato and the new superfood, moringa.

These much-talked-about Country Eatery noodles came about almost by accident after a Hokkaido, Japan, radio station, operating from a hotel in Waikiki, tasted Adela’s delicious macadamia nut shortbread.

So charmed by the two ladies behind these great cookies, the station invited Adela Visitacion and Millie Chan to visit Hokkaido, and when asked what they would like to see while there, they replied, “A noodle factory.” The pair spent the following two weekends living on site and learning the fine art of Japanese noodle-making. Once back in Hawaii, these two friends of 25 years quickly began experimenting and refining their newly acquired skills. 

“We were looking for creative ways to give the noodles our own special Hawaiian twist,” Adela said. “We have always used fresh, locally grown produce in most of our dishes, so it wasn’t long before we began experimenting with a few readily available tropical vegetables that surprised a few people.”
The vegetables they chose, and which give the Country Eatery noodles their unique flavor and color, were ulu, taro, Okinawan sweet potato and moringa.
“Noodle-making looks easy, but the secret is mastering the exact quantities of each of the ingredients, getting the texture and moisture content right, and handling the noodles carefully so they don’t crumble and fall apart,” Adela explained.
Within a couple of weeks, the word got out, and people began driving from all across the island to collect the much-talked-about noodles, as well as other dishes tantalizingly displayed on the Country Eatery’s website and prepared fresh to order. While not a restaurant, Adela’s Country Eatery is a really efficient and friendly phone-order and take-out service. As Millie said with her usual charm, “You call. We cook. You collect.” The seemingly hole-in-the-wall Country Eatery has, in fact, an extensive behind-the-scenes kitchen, allowing this experienced team to cater large off-site events, something the team has specialized in at previous businesses over the years.
“Sometimes we receive calls from customers who order a large number of different fresh noodle dishes, and we ask, ‘Are you having a special family celebration?’ — only to be told, ‘No, I freeze them as soon as I get home because they reheat just like they were freshly cooked,’” Millie Chan said. “Recently, a group of Japanese visitors came with plastic food storage containers to take our noodles back to Japan, and that was very special. We’ve always considered the Japanese to be the masters of noodle-making, so we were delighted to learn that they offer our specialty noodles as gifts.” 
One of the Country Eatery’s favorites is a bright green noodle that gets its color from finely crushed moringa leaves, popular with many health-conscious customers for its high antioxidant qualities.
Similarly, the vibrant purple color of the Okinawan sweet potato noodles is also much coveted by foodies, both local and visitors to Hawaii.
While noodles, freshly cooked vegetable dishes and fried chicken are mainstays of the Country Eatery’s menu, Millie Chan and fellow baker Ray Galapan are also skilled at making delicious banana bread; macadamia nut shortbread cookies; and cheesecake with a crunchy, crushed macadamia nut base.
Although some of the Country Eatery’s customers simply drop in to the Kamehameha Highway location, most select from the online menu, order by phone and then collect their freshly prepared meals to enjoy at home or on the beautiful beach close by.
To learn more and to see the comprehensive take-out and catering menu choices, visit

Or call 808 236 2366.
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About Adela’s Country Eatery

The close-knit team at Adela’s Country eatery has been working together in the food industry for more than 25 years, gaining valuable skills from culinary studies in Hawaii, California, the Philippines and Japan. While Adela’s Country Eatery specializes in preparing fresh, locally inspired take-out cuisine, with an emphasis on using locally raised or grown products, it also offers full catering services for functions of almost any size. The team members are also food innovators, having developed, among other products, a variety of unique noodles that incorporate locally grown produce such as ulu, taro, Okinawan sweet potato and moringa. They also produce a variety of fresh, house-cooked bakery products.

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